YLJ 67006 Mantooth Gauges Wireless Automotive Kit - 2 Singles Tethered

SKU: YLJ 67006
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YLJ 67006 Mantooth Gauges Wireless Automotive Kit
Weight: 8 lbs

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Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge Automotive Kit uses Bluetooth technology and an app to provide service centers and technicians the ability to perform an accurate vehicle A/C system check in less than three minutes (on avaerage).

Adding this to your current courtesy inspection or multi-point inspection process on every vehicle that rolls up to your shop is efficient and easy. It provides an exact A/C system health status for your customer and maximizes the opportunity to up-sell additional A/C service.

<ul><li>Two wireless Bluetooth gauges</li><li>High impact glass reinforced housing</li><li>Integrated rubber case for easy handling</li><li>Rechargable LiPo battery rated for eight hours of continuous use </li><li>Both R-134a and R1234YF 5" couplers to minimize refrigerant loss</li><li>Two temperature clamps</li><li>AC charging adapter and USB cord</li><li>Rugged case to protect the equipment when not in use</li><li>Works with iPhone, iPad or Android devices</li><li>ManTooth App available in Apple app and Google Play stores</li><li>Ability to log and e-mail results</li></ul>

<p>ManTooth (two-singles tethered) Automotive Kit: hi- and lo-side hoses, R-134a and R-1234YF couplers, temperature clamps, USB cord and charger, and case</p>

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