YLJ 37840 Automatic RMS for R-134a

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YLJ 37840 Automatic RMS for R-134a
Weight: 220 lbs

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Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Management System (RMS) 37840 for R-134a. Provides full cycle recovery/recycle/evacuate/recharge to bring the vehicle back to factory specifications. The easy-to-use, portable, full color interface walks you quickly through each step for easy operation and fast service.

Can be updated in the future when you are ready for R-1234yf with the optional 37845 (one time use) conversion kit.

<ul><li>"Charge Only" capability for R-134a</li><li>High or Low-side charging</li><li>Fully automatic air purging constantly monitors and purges non-condensables</li><li>Fast tank refills with no hose changes</li><li>95% efficiency rating</li><li>Maintenance reminders for oil/filter changes</li><li>Automatic shut-off for full tank and high pressure situations</li><li>Heavy-duty shock resistant scale for accurate charging</li><li>Two-stage, 3cfm vacuum pump for fast, high efficiency evacuation</li><li>Tablet can print to existing shop printer - requires local area wireless network</li><li>Digital on-screen pressure readings</li><li>Touch screen keypad/interface</li><li>Made in the USA</li></ul>

<ul><li>Wireless, portable tablet for remote monitoring</li><li>Logging and storage of jobs for future reference and refrigerant usage</li><li>Easy to store, built-in hose rack</li><li>10-foot premium Yellow Jacket Plus II hoses</li><li>10-foot power cord</li><li>19.5" W x 29" D x 45" H</li><li>120 v operating system</li><li>50 pound storage tank</li><li>One-year parts and labor warranty</li><li>Lifetime technical support</li></ul>

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