UNX G6313 Go Jak Self Loading Dolly

SKU: UNX G6313
Regular price $280.00
UNX G6313 GoJak Dolly
Weight: 42 lbs

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Portable jack/ dolly that lifts any car in seconds. One person can move the car into the paint booth or across the shop with incredible ease.

UNX 6313 replaces model 6200

<ul><li>Vehicle weights to 6,300 lbs.</li><li>Tire widths up to 13 inches wide and 36 inches tall</li><li>Steel rollers 2 HD 5-inche diameter, and 2 HD 4-inche casters</li><li>Under frame clearance an additional 2-1/2" over the 5211</li></ul>

GoJak - Zendex