UNX G4520 SuperSlick

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UNX G4520 SuperSlick
Weight: 37 lbs

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The model 4520 was developed for the race car industry. You can effortlessly lift and move cars with tires as wide as 20 inches and up to 36 inches tall.

<p>Twin roller on each axle guide the tire smoothly up and over the axle support bar to filt wider tires.</p><p>The unit uses a bi-directional linear ratchet for the jack portion and has a 5-degree offset pedal angle for additional foot-to-tire clearance.</p><p>The model 4520 series is recommended for use on smooth surfaces.</p>

<p>The unit will handle wheel weights of 1,125 lbs. (up to 4.500 lbs. with four units).</p>

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