UNR UG5000WHR Solvent/Waterborne Gun Washer w/Heater

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UNR UG5000WHR Solvent/Waterborne Gun Washer w/Heater
Weight: 170 lbs

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The UG5000WHR cleans all spray guns in the shop. Guns spraying solventborne primers, clears and colours are cleaned in the left tank. Guns spraying waterborne base coat are cleaned in the right tank that is heated. 

<p>Solventborne Spray Gun Cleaning (Left Tank) - Automatic cleaning greatly reduces the Painter's exposure to solvent for a healthier environment. Spray guns are cleaned with solvent in an enclosed tank: the operation is hands free. Wash solvent is reused until dirty, reducing solvent consumption. If the lid is accidently raised during cleaning, the operation stops.</p><p>Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaning (Right Tank) - Manual cleaning using three tools - Wash gun delivers high presure heated water to flush the fluid passage in under 15 seconds, Flow-through brush removes paint from the outside fo the spray gun, Air gun dries the spray gun. Used water can be recovered and reused reducint waste water consumption and disposal costs.</p>

<ul><li>CE Approved</li><li>Complete with pressure regulator - Minimum air pressure is 6 bat (85 psi)</li><li>Dimensions: 47" w x 17" d x 46"h</li><li>Weight: 170 lbs</li></ul>