UNR UG110 Solvent 1 Gun Automatic Cleaner

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UNR UG110 Solvent 1 Gun Automatic Cleaner
Weight: 44 lbs

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The UG110 is an automatic spray gun cleaner for solvent borne paint, perfect for collision repair shops and woodworking shops. 

Body Technicians clean their spray guns in one minute using the UG110

<ul><li>304-staniless steel wash tank for long life; powder painted, mild steel lower cabinet to protect the solvent pail form accidental spillage</li><li>Stainess steel 9-spray-jet manifold in the wash tank; mounting adapters to distribute solvent to the painter's gun</li><li>Safety lid switch halts pump if lid is opened during cleaning</li><li>CE Approved</li></ul>

<ul><li>Minimum air pressure: 85 PSI at 2 CFM - clean, dry air only; built in pressure regulator (set to 85 PSI)</li><li>Cleans solvent borne paint form spray guns and cups: gravity, siphon, pressure</li><li>Shipping Dimensions 17"W x 16"D x 44"H</li><li>Product Dimensions 14.3"W x 13.6"D x 40.6"H</li></ul>