UNI UM10W Compact Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner

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UNI UM10W Compact Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner
Weight: 24 lbs

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Compact wall mont spray gun cleante for use with waterborne paints and disposable cup systems.

To clean a spray gun - Push Button to dispense water to flush out paint chamber of spray gun in under 30 seconds. Clean spray gun cap on the brush bristles and dry spray gun with the blow gun.

<ul><li>Corrosion resistant staniless steel tank</li><li>Wall mount to locate in spray booth or mixing room. Ideal for quick color changes.</li><li>Wash Nozzle is activated by push button</li><li>Whip line commects to air plug on stray gun to prevent water from entering air passage way</li><li>Blow gun to dry spray gun</li><li>2 HDPE pails, 2.5 gal each</li></ul>