TST WT10 Wing Thing

Regular price $249.00
TST WT10 Wing Thing
Weight: 28 lbs

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The Wing Thing is a heavy duty commercial work-stand designed to hold fenders, moldings, grilles, mirrors, fillers and other  parts for repair and painting.  Technicians can easily rotate and move parts along the line using only one hand.  Shop owners will notice an improvement in paint quality, faster production, reduced worker fatigue and assembly line efficiency when using the Wing Thing.

<ul><li>Holds parts at a working height during all phases of the work</li><li>Adjustable tension at pivot holds parts in any position.</li><li>Nesting base saves floor space</li><li>Wide rubber wheels roll over spray booth floor grates without getting stuck</li><li>Comfortable ball handle for easy movement of parts</li></ul>

<p>1-1/4" wide swivel casters with brakes<br />Working height adjustable from 48-58 inches<br />Base dimensions 32 X 22 inches<br />Span 36 inches</p>

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