Time Shaver Tools Preppin' Weapon

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Regular price $24.00
Ergonomic sanding block for plain backed 9X11 sandpaper
Weight: 2.5 lbs

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The Preppin' Weapon is a heavy duty professional grade sanding block.   The grip conforms perfectly to the shape of the hand, while the stainless steel clip mechanism hides inside to keep the outside free of any sharp edges. Sized to fit a 1/4 sheet of plain backed 9X11 sandpaper, the Preppin’ Weapon improves sandpaper efficiency by 36% compared to a standard rubber block. Stack up to four layers of sandpaper and tear off one by one as the sheets wear out

<p>All stainless steel moving parts won't corrode or rust Floats in water bucket keeping sandpaper free of grit and sludge Patented sliding clips grip paper near the end of the sheet to minimize waste Comes in four colors so technicians can assign a different color to each grit Can be used wet or dry Also uses 2-3/4" file paper plain or adhesive back&nbsp; Fits 2-3/4" wide long board paper, adhesive back or plain</p>

<p>7-3/4" long X 2-3/4" wide X&nbsp; 2-1/4" high</p>

Time Shaver