Three Sided Curtain Wall System

SKU: GOFF 3S3016

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Three Sided Curtain Wall System
Weight: 215 lbs

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Create an enclosd are using one wall of your existing shop, by suspending these three curtains from the ceiling. There are 2 curtains 30' long x 12' high and 1 end curtain 16' long x 12' high. The package includes the track and hardware necessary to suspend the curtains from your ceiling or your hangers if higher than 12'. Package also includes two 90 degree track ceiling curves.

<p>Curtains are White top, Clear center, White bottom</p>

<p>2 Curtains 30' long x 12' high</p><p>1 Curtain 16' long x 12' high</p><p>7 Track Connectors<br />2 6' Track Straight Sections<br />8 7' Track Straight Sections<br />2 End Mounts Down<br />82 Roller Hook Nylon<br />2 Track Ceiling Curve 90 Degree Flush</p>

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