RTi STEALTH-UG Upgrade Kit for Vapor Removal

Regular price $330.00
RTi STEALTH-UG Upgrade Kit Freight Included within Continental USA
Weight: 25 lbs

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Upgrade your RTi STEALTH unit to spray today's high tech paints which require lower compressed air humidity (less than 10%). Also with this unit you can remove oil vapors that can be troublesome. 

<p><strong>Includes:<br /></strong></p><ul><li>6960-1 Oil Absorbing Element for YOUR STEALTH unit</li><li>EH 2500 (DE401-M04) Desiccant Dryer with -&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; -40 degree F Dew Point removes water vapor<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; Spin On/Off desiccant element<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; True moisture indicator on air outlet</li><li>1/2" NPT fitting-attaches dryer to STEALTH unit</li></ul>

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