RTI RTi-QAT Shop Air Evaluation Test Kit

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RTi-QAT Test Kit
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The Quality Air Test Kit (QAT) is an ideal tool for evaluating shop air. It saves thousands of dollars by identifying the three major causes of refinish problems found in shop compressed air:

  • Inadequate compressed air supply
  • Compressed air humidity (CAH)
  • Particulate, water, and oil contamination

Test the following;
Static air pressure at the gun
Dynamic air pressure at the gun
Compressed air humidity level (CAH)
Contaminate check: dirt, water, and oil

Contaminate Checker: sampler vessel with contaminant capturing membrane disc

Precision air regulator with pressure gauge to control air to vessel

Magnifying lens with integral light source

Digital hygrometer; 1-100% RH range

Operators manual with shop compressed air audit form

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