RTi PERF-50 Paint Air System for 2 Guns

Regular price $3,700.00
Regenerative Desiccant System for 2 Guns Freight Included within Continental USA
Weight: 77 lbs

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  • Dual spray gun paint air systems
  • Consistent -40 degree F Dew Point and 0% CAH
  • No disiccant maintenance
  • Final filter eliminates downstream disicccant dust
  • Patented pre-filtration eliminates water, dirt & oil
  • Downstream true moisture indicator to verify CAH
  • High flow 1/2: regulator on outlet

<ul><li>Best Waterborne Approved Product</li><li>Continuous -40&deg; Air to Paint Booth</li><li>Increases Shop Throughput</li><li>Reduces Cure Time</li><li>Provided with 0.01 micron filter</li><li>Two Guns</li></ul>

<ul><li>1st Stage Element - 3P-090</li><li>2nd Stage Element - 3C-090/3C-0602</li></ul>

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