RTi MR-1 Mini Paint Gun Regulator

Regular price $63.00
RTI MR-1 Mini Paint Gun Regulator Freight Included within Continental USA
Weight: 2 lbs

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This ultra light-weight and durable regulator mounts right on the paint gun to regulate your air flow precisely, as it automatically adjusts for upstream pressure fluctuations. This guarantees you a perfectly even spray from your gun.

<ul><li>Precise Air Regulation at Gun</li><li>0-60 Pressure Range Provides Excellent Control</li><li>Snap Lock Design with Full Diaphragm</li><li>Lightweight</li></ul>

<ul><li>0-60 psig operating range for precision adjustment</li><li>Large diaphragm design provides constant pressure</li><li>Push-pull lockable adjustment knob</li><li>High flow air design, up to 30 scfm</li><li>1/4" Inlet &amp; Outlet</li><li>Rugged, lightweight design</li><li>200 psig maximum inlet pressure</li><li>40 degreeF to 120degreeF temperature range</li><li>Comes standard with gauge and swivel fitting</li><li>0-60 psig chrome gauge with glass lens</li></ul>

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