RTI FRL250-G Filter/Regulator/Lubricator w/Gauge

Regular price $114.00
RTI FRL250-G Filter/Regulator/Lubricator w/Gauge Freight Included within Continental USA
Weight: 10 lbs

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Easily provide clean, regulated air to your applications at a low cost

<ul><li>Light-weight, nylon construction</li><li>Balanced valve, high stability with low load losses and big flow rate</li><li>Lockable safety knob</li><li>Built in overpressure relieving function</li><li>Panel nut and gauge included with regulator</li><li>Mounting slots throught body</li><li>Semi-auto drains</li><li>5 micron filtration, 230 PSIG max. operating pressure</li></ul>

<ul><li>Height 8-3/8"</li><li>Depth 3"</li><li>Length 3-1/4"</li><li>Weight 0.8 lbs</li></ul>

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