RTI EH7000-3R Eliminator v2.5 Desiccant Dryer

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RTi EH7000-3R Eliminator v2.5 Desiccant Dryer Freight Included within Continental United States
Weight: 28 lbs

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Have issues with high levels of air contamination in your spray booth, prep area or?

Then the EH7000-3R is Perfect for Your Shop

Ideally used in prep stations & paint booths to remove water, dirt, oil & water vapor


1st Stage Replacement Element: 4P-060
2nd Stage Replacement Element: 3C-090
3rd Stage Replacement Element: DE401

<ul><li>Designed to provide continuous dry, oil-free air to -40degreeF dew point</li><li>2 in 1: Activated carbon pre-filter for superior oil vapor removal and built-in final filter with contained desiccant cartridge, no desiccant dust migration</li><li>Largest 0.01 micron coalescer on the market</li><li>Too-less spin on/spon off elements for easy maintenance</li><li>"inverse Flow" Technology, upwards compressed air filtration and drying</li><li>Low pressure drop design</li><li>High flow 3/8" NPT relieving regulator</li><li>Automatic drain on first stage, manual petcock drains on second and third stages</li></ul>

<ul><li>Dryer Design - Manual, Desiccant</li><li>Recommended Temp - 100 degreeF</li><li>Maximum Pressure - 150 PSIG</li><li>Dryer Capacity - -40degreeF</li><li>Filter Capacity 0.01 micron &amp; larger, Activated Carbon Oil, Absorption to 0.003ppm</li><li>Flow Capacity - 30 SCFM @ 100 psi</li><li>Differential Pressure - &lt;5.0 PSID at rated flow</li><li>Height - 17.0"</li><li>Width - 16.0"</li><li>Depth - 4.75"</li></ul>

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