RTi BRAD BD2 Breathing Air System 2 Person

Regular price $2,747.00
RTi BRAD BD2 Breathing Air System 2 Person
Weight: 22 lbs

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Breathing Air System 2 - 6 person pre-filter combo, CO monitor, 1/2" HD regulator with 0 - 160 PSI gauge

<ul><li>Monitors Grade "D" breathable air</li><li>Deep bed activted carbon pre-filter for hydrocarbon removal to 0.003 ppm</li><li>0.01 micron final filter designed for fine particulate and oil removal at 99.9998% efficiency</li><li>Dual 1/2" outlets with 1/4" high flow quick disconnects provided</li><li>110 Volt AC electrical</li><li>Assembly is supplied mounted on 3/4" board for easy installation</li></ul>

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