ROB 34998 WIFI AC RRR Machine R-134a

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ROB34998 WIFI AC RRR Machine R-134a
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The Robinair 34998 Connected R-134a ACS Machine recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak-tests and recharges R-134a with improved 98.5% efficiency - unmatched be an competitor. The new design features a large 105" capacitive touch LCD display, and automated features including automatic internal refrigerant refill, oil drain and inject, and UV dye inject.

New 10" capacitive LCD touch screen and intuitive user interface
Incorporated WIFI and Bluetooth wireless technology enable many new features and capabilities
Automatic updates
Service data management and Machine metrics can be retained and stored
Fully automatic function allows user to program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without operating panel valves, or run functions independently as specific service functions are needed

Operating Temperature Range - 32degrees - 120 F
Voltage - 125 VAC, 60 Hz
Recovery Performance - 95% at 70 to 75F
Charge Performance +/- 0.5 oz at 70 to 75F
Display - 10" capacitive touch LCD display
Filter-Drier Capacity - 150 lbs, spin on type
Hose Length - 9'
Compressor - 3/8 hp
Vacuum Pump - 1.5 cfm Dual Stage
Internal cylinder - 30lb
Certifications - J2788, UL 1963