QSP LM-200-R2 Rechargeable Tire & Wheel Lift

SKU: QSP LM-200-R2
Regular price $2,250.00
QSP LM-200-R2 Rechargeable Tire & Wheel Lift
Weight: 238 lbs

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The LM-200-R provides the operator with a safe and easy way of removing or installing the heavy duty tire/wheel assembly on today's heavy duty vehicles.

<ul><li>Lifts up to 200 lbs. tire/wheel assemblies</li><li>Rises to full height in approx. 10 seconds</li><li>24V batter charging system included</li><li>Steel tire rollers for easy lug nut alignment</li><li>Offset design allows easy access to lug nuts</li><li>Easily transport tire assembly to balancer or tire changer</li><li>Swivel casters (two locking)&nbsp;</li><li>Foot lever brade ensures you are locked in place</li></ul>

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