QSP LM-200 Air Powered Tire/Wheel Lift

Regular price $1,433.00
QSP LM-200 Air Powered Tire/Wheel Lift
Weight: 200 lbs

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Heavy lifting accounts for 20% of all workplace injuries. The LM-200 is a powerful lift that can reduce those injuries and will be a workhorse in your shop for many years.

<ul><li>The LM-200 air powered mobile tire lift assists technicians by making everyday tasks easier</li><li>Maintains raised height when shop air is removed</li><li>Lift has steel rollers that are offset from the column to allow for easier lug nut access</li></ul>

<ul><li>Max roller height - 40 1/4"</li><li>Height - 61 1/2"</li><li>Width - 31"</li><li>Depth - 29"</li><li>Lifting Capacity - 200 lbs.</li><li>Rise Time - 6 seconds</li></ul>

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