PIG MAT32300-BL PIG Paint Booth Floor Covering w/Adhesive Backing

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PIG MAT32300-BL PIG Paint Booth Floor Covering w/Adhesive Backing
Weight: 27 lbs

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Protects your spray booth floors from build up by colliecting the overspray, dust and particles that cause paint defects or create a fire hazard.

1 - Roll 32" x 100' - Color "BLUE"

<ul><li>Top surface helps attract and trap dust, dirt and paint and primer overspray</li><li>Keeps booth clean, bright and running efficiently</li><li>Self-Sticking back keeps floor covering securely in place without shifting, slideing or causing a trip hazard</li><li>Durable enough for heavy foot and vehicle traffic</li><li>Padding reduces noise and makes standing and kneeling more comfortable</li><li>Blue color creates better color matching</li><li>Helps to evenly distribute light and eliminates shadows and reflections</li><li>Peels up fast for changeouts; lasts up to 3 months depending on amount of overspray and cleaning</li><li>Chemically resistant; flame resistant</li><li>Neets NFPA33 - Static Dissipative &amp; OSHA standards</li></ul>

<p>1 - Roll 32" x 100'</p><p>Color - Blue&nbsp;</p>

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