PIG KIT2401 Quick-Response High-Visibility Spill Cart

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PIG KIT2401 Quick-Response High-Visibility Spill Cart
Weight: 85 lbs

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KIT2401 Each absorbs up to 20 Gallonsm Absorbs Oils; Coolants; Solvents; Water 

  • Absorb anything from water or coolants to oil or solvents with the pre-packed absorbents inside this spill caddy; also comes with instructions folder, disposal bags and more
  • Maneuver effortlessly, even throught dorrways, thanks to the tip-back design and snag-resistant 7-inch wheels
  • Easily work to clean any small or moderate sized spill since the spill caddy's spacious interior holds 20 gallons-worth of absorbents and spill-responce items, and the lockable front-loading doors open wide for convenient access
  • Keep everyone alert with the high-visibility yellow color that makes the caddy easy to spot and grab

<ul><li>Demenisions 24.11"W x 23.5"D x 38.25"H</li><li>Weight 74.5 lbs.</li></ul>

<p>INCLUDES:</p><p>1 - High-Visibility Caddy</p><p>1 - 15"W x 90"L PIG Absorbent Mat Roll</p><p>5 - ext. dia. 3"x48"L PIG Blue Absorbent Sock (4048)</p><p>45 - 10"W x 15"L PIG Absorbent Mat Pad</p><p>1 - 11.8"W x 13"L PIG PR40 All-Purpose Wipers (WIP310)</p><p>3 - PIG Dri Loose Absorbent in Spill Pouch (PLP220)</p><p>1 - 7"L PIG Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty (2 year shelf life) (PTY201)</p><p>1 - Dust pand and broom</p><p>1 - Pair Neoprene Gloves (GLV213-XL)</p><p>1 - Economy Goggle (GLS290-AF)</p><p>1 - Apron PE Coated</p><p>1 - Instructions</p><p>5 - 18"W x 30"H Disposal Bags</p>

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