OM 22903 10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Foot Pump

SKU: OM 22903
Regular price $445.00
OM 22903 10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Foot Pump
Weight: 8 lbs

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10,000 PSI Air Foot Pump 91.5 cu. in. Reservoir

<ul><li>Efficiently operate any single-acting ram up to 55 ton capacity in many automotive, industrial and construction applications</li><li>Provides up to 10,000 PSI with standard shop air supply of 90-175 PSI</li><li>Made of durable, lightweight corrosion-free aluminum</li><li>Built-in pressure by-pass system protects overload operation</li><li>User friendly foot-actuated design for easy control of moving fluid at tremendous rate. </li><li>Use 3/8" NPT fluid coupler</li></ul>