NED F281419-185 MegaTram Gauge Package

SKU: NED F281419-185
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NED F281419-185 MegaTram Gauge Package
Weight: 22 lbs

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Nedo MegaTram Gauge Package Includes:

  • 1 - F281119-185 415-945mm/16.3-36.4" Tram Gauge
  • 1 - F281219-185 920-2600mm/36.2-102.3" Tram Gauge
  • 1 - F281319-185 950-3260mm/37.4-127.9" Tram Gauge


Designed for tram measuring of these and more components: door and window openings, under hood measurements, X checking full frame vehicles, checking wheel base and suspension parts.

You simply pull out the extending sections of the tram gauge and read off the distance between two measurement points on the body from the analog display window.