MTH 74700 ABM 700 CO Monitor

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Martech 74700 Stand Alone CO Monitor
Weight: 25 lbs

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The Martech ABM-700 monitor is a standalone monitor, or can be used as a component of a complete Air Breathing System. This monitor is to be operated as a life saving device.

<p>The ABM-700 is housed in a NEMA IV non-metallic case. The case is corrosion resistant, positively pressured by the compressor supply line, and sealed except for a bleed hole to exhaust the compressor's air. The instrument is powered by a standard 110 volt electric source. The instrument comes complete with a case mounted electronic horn assembly.</p><p>During use, the monitor takes a continuous sample of the filtered air, which is monitored by the chemical cell sensor. If the sample air supply fails for any reason such as air blockage, loss of pressure, or excessive high pressure, an internittent alarm hown will sound and a yellow lamp will illuminate.</p><p>In the event carbon monoxide is detected in levels of 10 ppm or above, a continuous alarm horn will sound and "ALARM" red lamp will illuminate.</p>

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