MMM TR-800-PSK Painter's PAPR Kit

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MMM TR-800-PSK Painter's PAPR Kit
Weight: 12 lbs

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RECOMMENDED FOR: Paint spray booths or other envirroments where IS equipment is required

The TR-800 is a PAPR blower UL-certified with an intrinsically safe (IS) rating of Division 1: IS Class i,II, III; Division 1 (includes Division 2) Groups C, D, E, F, G; T4, under the most current standard (UL 60079, 6th Edition, 2013).

<ul><li>Ergonomically designed for greeter movement in paint booth. Unlike supplied air systems, a PAPR does not require that you be connected to your air source by an air line, leaving you free to go where you need to go.</li><li>Multiple NIOSH-approved headgear option available with TR-800 to meet the needs of paint spray applications, including the Respiratory Faceshield Assembly M-206 and the Painter's Hood Assembly S-757.</li><li>Fully submersible* product features a smooth design surface that's quick and easy to clean.</li></ul><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;* Requires purchase of TR-653 Cleaning and Storage Kit</p><ul></ul>

<p>INCLUDES:</p><ul><li>M-206 Respiratory Faceshield Assembly</li><li>BT-20L Breathing Tube</li><li>TR-6510N (OV/HE) Cartridge</li><li>TR-641N Single Station Battery Charger</li><li>BT-922 Breathing Tube Cover</li><li>TR-802N Intrinsically Sage PAPR Unit</li><li>TR-830 Intrinsically Safe Battery</li><li>TR-838 Battery Attachment Tool</li><li>TR-627 Easy Clean Belt</li><li>TR-6500 Filter Cover</li><li>TR-971 Airflow Indicator</li><li>TR-653 Storage and Cleaning Kit</li></ul>