MCP 2450 Boltless Strut Tower Puller

SKU: MCP 2450
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MCP 2450 Boltless Strut Tower Puller
Weight: 8 lbs

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Easy, fast, reliable method for pulling strut towers. Developed for strut towers without bolts, to correct chassis dimensions to factory specifications. Strut tower removal is necessary.

<p>Overall Length: 5" (127 mm)<br />Weight: 8 lbs (3.63 kg)<br />Capacity: 3 tons (2,722 kg)<br /><br />Replacement Parts: #4051 Eye Nut, #100441 Numerous Angle Puller, #500053 Bolt<br /><br />Heat Treated Steel. Made in the U.S.A.</p>

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