MCP 0200 C Clamp

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MCP 0200 C Clamp
Weight: 7 lbs

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Self-Tightening. Its 11/2" (39 mm) throat clearance fits over a flange or frame horn, or around a lip to pull from behind. Original wedge. Original straight cut tooth design.

<p>Gripping Surface: 2" wide (50 mm), &uml;&yacute;" deep (16 mm)<br />Overall Length: 8&frac12;" (215 mm)<br />Weight: 7 lbs (3.18 kg)<br />Capacity: 5 tons (5,436 kg)<br /><br />Replacement Parts: #5130 Nut &amp; Bolt, #9701 Wedge, #840089 Spring<br />Heat Treated Steel. Made in the U.S.A.</p>

Mo Clamp