Martech 76500 Model 150-E System

SKU: MTH 76500
Regular price $3,973.00
Model 150-E System
Weight: 45 lbs

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System is available with either no output quick couplers, for on-site plumbing, or up to twelve output quick coulpers. Thsi "E" style monitor system provides electro chemical cell sensor technology, with both audible horn and digital display. User-friendly indicator lamps will advise operator the status of the system at a glance.

<ul><li>Low Maintenance filters</li><li>Automotaic moisture discharger</li><li>Carbon monoxide monitor</li><li>Self relieving regulator with gauge</li><li>Built in warning lamps and audible horn</li><li>Panel mounted, ready to plug in and use</li></ul>

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