Martech 75570 Model 50-WB Waterborne Combo System

SKU: MTH 75570
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MTH 75570 Model 50-WB Waterborne Combo System
Weight: 40 lbs

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The Model 50-WB has all the features of a Quality Air Breathing System, Model 50 series system, plus the additional ability to lower the dew point and relative humidity for spraying waterborne paints.

It makes sense that if the air is safe for breathing air, then it would be superior spray-able air. Add to that, a way to lower the dew point and the relative humidity you have a complete combo system. The convenience of having a solution to comply with OSHA regulations for proper air supplied respiratory protection, and delivering Ultra Clean & Dry Air rom a single system, is cost effective and efficient.

<ul><li>Low Maintenance filters</li><li>Automatic moisture discharger</li><li>Carbon Monoxide monitor</li><li>Self relieving regulator with guage</li><li>Built in warning lamps and audible horn</li><li>Panel mounted, ready to plug in and use</li></ul>

<p>The Model 50-WB can process up to 50 SCFM of Breathable Air or 35 SCFM of Ultra Clean &amp; Ultra Dry Air, or any combination within those parameters.</p><p>The system can handle up to two painters at the same time. Also available in 80 SCFM.</p>

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