LAU 301240016 Roxie Cellular

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LAU 301240016 Roxie Cellular
Weight: 5 lbs

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Roxie automatically scans all makes, models and modules and emails a pre/post scan report up to five email addresses at a time. No Human interaction neeeded, just plug Roxie into the OBD-II port.

Roxie speaks loudly as she calls out each module being scanned. Roxie Utilizes an integral plug and play cellular toggling technology that seeks out to strongest signal from two providers. Roxie doesn't require any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth pairing or Smartphone Connection. Roxie is the perfect solution for Collision/MSO shops requiring a Pre/Post scan report without the need of a trained scan tool technician or recurring remote diagnostics service.

<ul><li>Automatic Updates</li><li>Easy to operate-Just Plug in and go</li><li>Cellular toggling story or Mobile Hot Spot enabled</li><li>Pre and Post report will automatically send up to five email addresses</li><li>Enhanced All Module Scan: Codes and Data Stream</li><li>Generic OBD-II Only with Readiness Monitor Status</li></ul>

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