LAU 301190189 X-431 PRO Scan Tool

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LAU 301190189 X-431 PRO Scan Tool
Weight: 11 lbs

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The X-431 PRO is a drop-tested Android based scan tool tablet with an 8 inch high resolution IPS Touch Screen (1280 x 800). The new tool utilizes the latest technology and is by far the fastest device Launch T3ch has ever offered! The X-431 PRO boasts the same software as previous units - includeing vast vehicle coverage, powerful test functions extremely fast live data and graphing-8 per page, along with module coding capabilities.

<ul><li>4 core processor tunning an open Android operating system allowing 3rd party apps</li><li>Next generation software: OE-level access to Asian, European and Domestic applications</li><li>Code Search: IS the quickest response for code solutions</li><li>Ultra fast Wi-Fi Updates</li><li>Auto-ID all available vehicle systems and modules</li><li>This new tool helps eliminate leaving the bluetooth device in a customers car. The tool gies an autable signal when exitiong the vehicle specific diagnostic software and a note on the screen reminds the technician to retrieve the device from the vehicle</li><li>One year software subscription included</li><li>Comes in a large hard plastic case</li></ul>

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