LAU 301190171 X-431 PRO3 Scan Tool

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LAU 301190171 X-431 PRO3 Scan Tool
Weight: 17 lbs

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The C-431 PRO3 is a drop-tested Android based scan tool tablet with a 10.1 inch high resolution IPS touch screen (1280x800).  The new tool is the fastest and boasts award winning software giving vast vehicle coverage, powerful special test functions, extremely fast live data and graphing (12 graphs per gage), along with module coding capabilities. Full system diagnosis is through a new more powerful Class-1 Bluetooth 4.0 connector offering a wired OBD II experience in a wireless device. The new X-431 PRO3 has Remote Diagnostics capability and comes with a complete set of adapters and connectors in a hard sided case.

<ul><li>Featuring the latest Lenovo Tablet and MKT 4 core processor running an open Android operating system</li><li>OE-Level access to Asian, European and Domistic applications for module coding, resets, relearns &amp; amp; bi-directional capabilities</li><li>Code Search: Auto searches Google with DTC and related infor</li><li>Install third-party apps and software</li><li>Auto-ID all available vehicle systems and modules</li><li>Class-1 Bluetooth 4.0 connector for a wired OBD II experience in a wireless device</li></ul>

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