KTE ART38Special Edition 110V

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KTE ART38Special Edition 110V
Weight: 61 lbs

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Killer Tools ART38 Special Original Shark Dent Removal System 110v w/Mobile Seat

The rolling seat allows for a ergonomic and comfortable repairs by putting the technician in an Ideal position for the majority of dent removal and repairs. Eacy to reach controls and maneuver for dent repairs.

Also available in 220v

<ul><li>Compact and Powerful</li><li>Built in USA</li><li>5 Times faster than a pin welder</li><li>Padded mobile Seat</li></ul>

<div>INCLUDES:</div><div><ul><li>ART38-110v Dent puller</li><li>Padded Mobile seat</li><li>Wiggle wires</li><li>6 Finger Claw</li><li>Leverage Bar (lever puller)</li><li>Ground Magnet</li><li>Electrodes (Qty 3)</li><li>Shrinking Tip</li></ul></div>

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