KAR 92002 Test Panel Holder - w/Clipboard

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KAR 92002 Test Panel Holder - W/Clipboard
Weight: 1 lbs

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The Test Panel Holder is a hand-held device for spraying paint on to a metal or paper test panel. Once spraying is complete, simply stick the Test Panel Holder to the wall by its magnets while your paint flashes. Metal panels are held by the holding magnet, or if you use paper test panels, they are clipped onto the 'clip board'. When ready to check your color to the car, just remove the test panel from the Test Panel Holder's magnet. Checking your color has never been easier!

<ul><li>Magnetically attaches to the wall while paint is drying, and for storage when not in use. </li><li>Test panels and paper panels attach to the top of the holder and are easily removed for checking color to the car</li><li>Simplifies the process of making test panels by eliminating the 'stir stick and tape' method, or by painting your hand!</li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>Length: 17.5"&nbsp; Width: 1"<br />18 gauge steel with a powder coated finish<br />Shipping Weight is approximately 1 lb<br />16 gauge steel with a powder coated finish</p>