KAR 42002 Hose & Spray Gun Hanger Magnetic

SKU: KAR 42002
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KAR 42002 Hose & Spray Gun Hanger Magnetic
Weight: 7 lbs

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The Hose & GunHanger™ by Karajen Corp. was designed to hang your air hose, spray guns, rolls of tape and other needed painting items in one location. This product is intended for use in spray booths, prep stations and mixing rooms.
The Hose & GunHanger™ is equipped with extremely high-powered magnets, or it can be available with mounting screws (non-magnetic - item #42001).

<ul><li>Strongest magnetic spray gun and/or hose hanger available, and the most unique! </li><li>Tapered platform to hang air hose(s) without distortion</li><li>Elongated holes on hose platform for venting air and over-spray</li><li>Soft Edge guard on gun hangers to eliminate damage to sprays/gun cups</li><li>Tape hook to hang tape upright</li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>Durable 13 gauge steel construction with a powder coated finish <br />Dimensions: height=18.75", width=7.5" at top and bottom flanges, depth=8.25" at Hose Hanger (lower flange), depth=7" at Gun Hanger (upper flange). <br />Shipping weight of magnetic model is approximately&nbsp;7 lbs.</p>