KAR 24002 Booth Shelf WM Magnetic

SKU: KAR 24002
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KAR 24002 Boothshelf WM Magnetic
Weight: 8 lbs

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The BoothShelf WM™ is a magnetic wall shelf and spray gun holding rack combination, designed for  automotive and industrial applications.
The BoothShelf WM™ (WM stands for Wall Mount) allows you a place to store and organize your needed tape, tack rag, razor blade, dirt pick tools, spray guns and other needed items while in the spray booth. Move it anywhere in the booth when using the magnetic model. Also available as a bolt-on version - item #24001.

<ul><li>2 options for mounting: magnetic, or bolts to wall- both options allow for air-flow passage in rear of unit</li><li>BoothShelf WM&trade; is vented, to allow air to flow freely through it and avoids pocketing of over-spray</li><li>3 spray gun positions, accommodating standard gravity guns or a mini touch up gun</li><li>1 Item Holding Magnet for razor blades, dirt pick tool etc</li><li>Soft Edge guard on gun hangers to eliminate damage to sprays/gun cups</li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>BoothShelf WM&trade; is built of sturdy 16 gauge steel with a durable powder coated finish<br />Dimensions: 8 &frac12;" depth of bottom shelf, 7&rdquo; depth of upper spray gun holding flange. 14&rdquo; Width, 10&rdquo; Height.&nbsp; <br />Shipping Weight is approximately 8 lb</p>