KAR 23001 Booth Shelf CM w/Fasteners

SKU: KAR 23001
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KAR 23001 Booth Shelf CM w/Fasteners
Weight: 4 lbs

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The BoothShelf CM™ is a corner mounted wall shelf and spray gun holding rack combination, designed for  automotive and industrial applications.
The BoothShelf CM™ (CM stands for Corner Mount) allows you a place to mix paint and to store commonly needed items while in the paint booth. The Booth Shelf CM can be made available as a magnetic version, but certain modifications must be made. Please contact us for more information regarding magnetic versions of this product (item #23002).

<ul><li>BoothShelf CM&trade; is vented, to allow air to flow through it and to avoid pocketing of over-spray</li><li>3 spray gun&nbsp; positions, accommodating standard gravity guns or a mini touch up gun</li><li>Soft Edge guard on gun hangers to eliminate damage to sprays/gun cups</li><li>BoothShelf CM&trade; is built of sturdy 16 gauge steel with a durable powder coated finish </li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>Dimensions: 12 &frac12;" depth from booth corner to front of shelf, 21&rdquo; width at front of shelf, Shipping weight is approximately 5 lb.<br />Shipping Weight is approximately 4 lb<br />16 gauge steel with a powder coated finish</p>