KAR 15005 BoothBox Mini Magnetic

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KAR 15005 BoothBox Mini Magnetic
Weight: 9 lbs

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The BoothBox Mini™ is a magnetic, single compartment, enclosed cabinet and spray gun holding device. This innovative product was designed to provide multiple benefits for Professional Painters in the Automotive and Industrial Markets:
Safely store and organize your spray guns, tape, tack rag, spare gun parts and other needed items inside the BoothBox Mini™. Do your final mixing for fade-out blend on the top of the cabinet without leaving the booth. Increase organization and efficiency when painting with your needed materials close at hand, and keep materials protected from over-spray environments. Also available with mounting fasteners (item #15001).

<ul><li>Magnetic mounted- move anywhere in the booth. Also available with mounting fasteners (non-magnetic)</li><li>Sized right for the storage of needed items, but small enough to discourage clutter in the booth</li><li>Hangs 2 spray guns, strong enough to hold with the air hose attached</li><li>Use the top of the cabinet as a paint refilling station/shelf</li><li>High quality construction and powder coated finish&nbsp; </li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>Cabinet Dimensions: 14&rdquo; width, 7.25&rdquo; height, 6&rdquo; depth<br />Weight: 9 lbs. Magnetic version / 7 lbs. Non-magnetic version<br />Cabinet Body: 20 Gauge steel, Spray Gun Hangers: 16 Gauge steel<br />Single compartment cabinet<br />Powder coated finish</p>