KAR 14062 Pump Bottle Holder - Magnetic

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KAR 14062 Pump Bottle Holder - Magnetic
Weight: 2 lbs

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Store your degreaser pump bottles and other tools conveniently with the Magnetic Pump Bottle Holder™ by Karajen Corp. Degreaser pump bottles have a wider neck than standard spray guns, so they don’t usually fit well on common spray gun hangers. Although Karajen’s Pump Bottle Holder™ was specifically designed for hanging pump bottles, it does excellent at hanging other items such as pneumatic tools, spray guns rivet guns and much more!  

<ul><li>Strong and sturdy, built of 16 gauge steel with a powder coated finish</li><li>2 high power, 65LB Pull magnets </li><li>Will hold the weight of pump bottles, pneumatic tools and many other types of tools</li><li>Soft covering on hanging shafts to avoid damage to tools</li><li>For Shop, Industrial and Home use </li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>2 high power, 65LB Pull magnets <br />3&rdquo; hook/shafts with a capped end for hanging your items securely<br />Shipping Weight is approximately 2 lbs</p>