KAR 14008 BoothBox 2

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KAR 14008 BoothBox 2
Weight: 14 lbs

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The BoothBox 2™ is a magnetic, double compartment, enclosed cabinet and spray gun holding device. This innovative product was designed to provide multiple benefits for Professional Painters in the Automotive and Industrial Markets:
Safely store and organize your spray guns, tape, tack rag, spare gun parts and other needed items inside the BoothBox 2™. Do your final mixing for fade-out blend on the top shelf without leaving the booth. Increase organization and efficiency when painting with your needed materials close at hand, and keep materials protected from over-spray environments.  Also available with mounting hooks (item #14004).

<ul><li>Magnetic mounted- move anywhere in the booth. Also available with hook mounting (non-magnetic)</li><li>Sized right for the storage of needed items, but small enough to discourage clutter in the booth</li><li>Hangs 2 spray guns, strong enough to hold with the air hose attached</li><li>Use the top shelf for storage, or open the lid and use as a paint refilling station/shelf</li><li>High quality construction and powder coated finish&nbsp; </li><li>Designed and made in the USA!</li></ul>

<p>Cabinet Dimensions: 15&rdquo; width, 14&rdquo; height, 6.25&rdquo; depth<br />Weight: 14 lbs. Magnetci version / 11 lbs. Non-magnetic version<br />Cabinet Body: 20 Gauge steel, Spray Gun Hangers: 16 Gauge steel<br />2 Separate compartments- (upper and lower)<br />Powder coated finish</p>