ITT I-MATCH-2 I-View w/Colormatch

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ITT I-MATCH-2 I-View w/Colormatch - ITT Shipping of $15
Weight: 1.5 lbs

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NEW - I-MATCH-2 features a 2 COLOR LIGHT funtion. This provides you with the option of choose between 2 different color temperatures depending on the type of job to be carried out. Typically, the WARM LIGHT (4500K) is useful for bright surfaces, and COLD LIGHT (6500K) is ideal for dark colored surfaces.

<p>Supplied with the newest COB LED technology, the new, rechargeable I-MATCH-2 provides an extremely powerful illumination spreading the uniform light to the maximyum and lightens up your entire field of view.</p><p>By waving your hand in front of the lamp, you will switch on the light when needed. In sensor mode, the light can easily be switched on/off, even when wearing gloves.</p>

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