INF 17-1012 SR Spot Repair Short Wave Unit 120 Volts

SKU: INF 17-1012
Regular price $265.00
INF 17-1012 SR Spot Repair
Weight: 20 lbs

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Features halogen elements, which offer hotter, faster, more efficient heating capabilities.

<ul><li>Powerful 1,000 watt halogen short wave fixture is ideal for small spot repairs</li><li>Capable of curing fillers, primers, paint and plastic repair materials</li><li>Includes a 60-minute timer to prevent over-baking and minimize wasted energy</li><li>Product features a 14" extension arm, for flexible positioning options over bumper stands</li><li>Includes a durable stand to support the product while curing, to reduce the need for manual positioning</li><li>Fixture can be mounted in a variety of versatile horizontal or vertical positions</li></ul>

<ul><li>120 volts</li><li>8.3 amps</li><li>18" head</li><li>60 minute timer</li></ul>

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