INF 16-1200 High Intensity Medium Wave Infrared Unit

SKU: INF 16-1200
Regular price $279.00
INF 16-1200 High Intensity Infrared Unit 120 Volt
Weight: 9 lbs

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High-Intensity hand-held portable curing unit

<ul><li>1,800 watt entry level unit achieves spot curing at low cost</li><li>Product offers curing capabilities for adhesives, carbon fiber and Teflon</li><li>Focused 1' x 1' coverage area for spot curing</li><li>Product is also available with 6' high accessory stand Part No 14-1025(sold separately)</li></ul>

<ul><li>1,800 watt, 120 volt</li><li>15 amps</li><li>12" width</li><li>9 lbs.</li></ul>

Infratech Automotive