INF 16-1000 Model SRU-1615-HT High Intensity Med Wave Unit

SKU: INF 16-1000
Regular price $349.00
INF 16-1000 High Intensity Med Wave 120 volts
Weight: 26 lbs

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  • High intensity medium wave fisture offers increased power (2,000 watts) 120 Vots

<ul><li>Imporved cure times over a 3' x 4' coverage area</li><li>60-minute timer conserves energy and automatically shuts unit down</li><li>Heavy-duty stand adjusts to over 6' high</li><li>Parabolic reflector creates uniform heat distribution</li><li>Operates vertially or horizontally in order to cure hard-to-reach areas</li><li>Increased flexibility for small areas</li></ul>

<ul><li>Undewritters Laboratories (UL) Listed</li><li>120 volts / 17amps / 36" head </li><li>26 lbs.</li></ul>

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