INF 15-1015 Speed Dry with Heater for Waterborne and Solvent

SKU: INF 15-1015
Regular price $435.00
INF 15-1015 Speed Dry with Heater
Weight: 38 lbs

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Speed Dry and Heater combo unit offers increased spped and versatility.

<ul><li>Enjoy up to 50% faster drying times than a typical Venture system by combinging Speed Dry with an infrared heater</li><li>Untis may be operated together or independently</li><li>When assembled, the unit and heater can be plugged into one 15-<br />amp outlet</li></ul>

<ul><li>120 volts</li><li>15 amps</li><li>36" Width</li></ul>

Infratech Automotive