INF 15-1000 Speed Dry for Waterborne and Solvent

SKU: INF 15-1000
Regular price $269.00
INF 15-1000 Speed Dry
Weight: 25 lbs

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For use with both Waterborne and Solvent coatings, offer rapid drying times and are a compressor-free alternative for the heavy air demand in most body shops.

<ul><li>Large coverage area creates faster drying times</li><li>Ideal for use with waterborne or solvent coatings</li><li>Energy efficient fixture operates on only pennies per day</li><li>Unit rotates horizontally or vertically in four positions</li><li>Product is compressor-free and requires no maintenance</li><li>Height stand adjusts up to 6' high</li></ul>

<ul><li>120 volts</li><li>1 amp</li><li>24" width</li></ul>

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