ITT I-MCPC Paint Prep Material Cart

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I-MCPC Paint Prep Cart - ITT Shipping of $70
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Organize and track materials like never before with the Paint Prep Cart. Keep materials under control and close at hand in the shop.

<ul><li>Rolls into the work area for greater efficiency</li><li>Keeps supplies handy and techs on the job</li><li>Stores material and supplies in full view from any angle</li><li>Facilitates easy-to-use bar code inventory system</li><li>Enables repair and process controls for consistent quality, time after time</li></ul>

<ul><li>50 Barcode Tag Holders</li><li>4 Single Hooks</li><li>2 Double Hooks</li><li>1 Roll Paper Holder</li><li>1 - 4 x 17" Basket</li><li>1 - 5 x 17" Basket</li><li>3 - 7 x 17" Baskets</li><li>1 Aerosol Basket</li><li>1 Glove Box Holder</li><li>1 Trash Can</li><li>1 Spray Gun Holder</li></ul>

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