Herkules HCR1 Paint Can Crusher

Regular price $5,680.00
Paint Can Curusher
Weight: 365 lbs

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The HCR1 crushes up to 5 gallon size paint cans and automatically ejects them into a drum positioned below. Reducing waste and disposal costs by 90%, Herkules Can Crushers will crush paint and other types of cans in seconds. Powered by air, there are no fluids to replace or clean up. Manufactured in the USA.

<ul><li>100% Air Operated</li><li>Comes with filter/regulator with air gauge</li><li>Air cylinder crushing mechanism</li><li>Place barrel under unit to collect cans</li><li>Gratly reduces disposal costs</li><li>Saves space in the shop</li></ul>

<ul><li>Crushing strength (tons) - 3.75</li><li>Crushing mechanism - air cylinder</li><li>Model - Stand</li><li>Auto eject - Yes</li><li>Cycle time (sec.) - 20</li><li>Air input (psi) - 90 - 120</li><li>No. of gallon cans - 4</li><li>No. of quart cans - 7</li><li>No. of 5-gallon cans - 1</li><li>Height - 91"</li><li>Width - 33"</li><li>Depth - 29"</li><li>Weight - 350 lbs.</li></ul>