Herkules G415 Paint Gun Washer

Regular price $6,805.00
HER G415 Paint Gun Washer for either Solvent or Waterborne
Weight: 87 lbs

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<ul><li>Cleans 2 guns / 2 cups automatically in one minute </li><li>Cleans Pressure pots, Hoses &amp; 5 gallon cans</li><li>Industrial strength stainless steel, extra large tank for easy set up</li><li>Includes flow-through brush, foot pedal, clean rinse cycle, fume extractor, automatic timer, and safety lid shut-off switch</li><li>For the exclusive use of either solvent or waterborne</li><li>FM Approved</li></ul>

<ul><li>18" deep x 25.5" wide x 42" high</li><li>Weight 87 lbs.</li></ul>